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  Application Guidelines

Occupations Job description

① Electrical contractor

Cable laying

Cable laying:
Design, calculate, measure, construction and installation cable system.
Cable after being put in HDPE Corrugated Pipe will be installation underground according to available standards.

Installation the electrical wiring.

Installation the electrical wiring:
Installation overhead wiring, with specialized equipment.
Installation transformer.

Installation air condition.

Installation air condition:
Inspection, repair, new installation air condition system for school, office, factory.

Installation lighting system.

Installation lighting system:
Inspection, repair, design, installation, uninstall the lighting system for school, office, factory.

Construction solar system.

Construction solar system:
Field survey, according to customer require select suitable solar panel, installation solar system according available standards.

Inspection and maintain solar system.

Inspection and maintain solar system:
Periodic inspect, maintain and clean the solar system.
Inspection about wring state, efficiency of solar system.

② Overhead crane maintenance

Periodic inspection crane system.

Periodic inspection crane system:
Inspection crane system for every week, month.
Check overall system from mechanical parts to electric part.

Repair electrical contact.

Repair electrical contact:
Electrical contact parts is important part and easy to get broken parts in crane system so that require high technique to inspect.

Repair crane motor.

Repair crane motor:
Repair or replace crane motor system. Require knowledge about AC motors.

Inspection and repair crane's control panel.

Inspection and repair crane's control panel:
Repair and replace electric parts in control panel.
As a very important part so this part require to work perfectly.

Installation new crane system.

Installation new crane system:
Factory survey, select suitable crane and installation new crane system.

③ Design and manufacturing of Switchgear and Control panels

Design Switchgear and control panels using AutoCAD.

Design Switchgear and control panels using AutoCAD.
Work in design center. After receive drawing from customer, design center has task to dissection the drawing.
Consultation with customer to select suitable electric part for cabinet.
Making structural drawing, wiring drawing, construction drawing and send to factory to making.

Installation frame for cabinet.

Installation frame for cabinet.
According to drawing from design center.
Cabinet frame will be installed.
Any mistake will report for design center to fix.

Installation cabinet shell.

Installation cabinet shell.
According to drawing from design center, the cabinet shell will be install by order.

Making Unit.

Making Unit:
Motor controller in cabinet is called "Unit".
Unit will be installed according to drawing from design center and require high quality.

Wiring job.

Wiring job:
According to wiring drawing from design center, wiring will be prepared by size and length, after that is wiring to connect parts of cabinet.

Inspection of panels.

Inspection of panels.
Using specialized equipment to check electric wire.
Overall checking from power circuit to control circuit.
And checking panel's shell quality.

④ Painting

Painting panels frame.

Painting panels frame:
According to drawing from design center, mix paint base on standards, and use painting gun to paint the frame.

Painting panels shell.

Painting panels shell:
Mix paint according to requirements, paint shell with appropriate thickness and suitable paint type.

Dry painted part in furnace.

Dry painted part in furnace:
Put painted part into furnace, select suitable temperature and time to make sure the quality of the paint.

⑤ Manager

Control Manufacturers.

Control Manufacturers.
According to devices list from design center, order the equipment and storage in depot.
Manager, arrange the components to save depot area.
Human resources allocation.


Receive order from customer, field survey and make quotation.
Take over the goods delivery task.

Work place
Office hours     8:40 - 17:25
Break     45minutes
Holiday     Saturday, Sunday,National Holiday(Depend on company calender)
Welfare     Retaiement allowance
Insurance     Health, Pension, Compensation, Employment insurance

Necessary skills

① Electrical contractor

Official electrical license issued by Japanese government

Operation of CAD software(AutoCAD,JW-CAD)

② Maintenance of overhead crane

    Official license of crane operators issued by Japanese government

    Related licence for overhead crane operation

③ Design and
   manufacturing of
   Switchgear and
   Control panels

    Operation of CAD software(AutoCAD)

    Knowledge and experience of assembly and wiring

    Knowledge of sequence diagram, and operating inspection tools
    Electrical license holder is favorable

    Painting skills

    Knowledge of PC,drawing and electrical parts

    Sales know-how, knowledge of making a quote

Entry requirements

① New graduates

Graduate by the beginning of a fiscal year(April)

② Mid-carrier

Any time

③ International

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 or above

Selection Process

① Send an application

Send a resume by mail or email

② the primary selection

Screening process

③ the secondary selection

Aptitude test and Job interview

④ Final selection
  (if necessary)

Job interview and internship

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Hanoi university of Science and Technology, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

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Tsukuba Gakuin University, Ibaraki, Japan

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